About Me

Hello there!

My name's Michael though you will be able to find me as T0astBread (or T0ast for short) on the internet.

I'm a student of IT and software engineering at an Austrian Higher Technical College and I'm very interested in the subject.

My main interest right now is on application development (including both backend and frontend development as well as architecture design and tooling) but I'm trying to get a foothold in as many specializations as I can. Currently I also like database modelling, network/systems administration, machine learning and other kinds of computer science.

You can check out what I'm working on on my GitHub or, for a more concise overview, the repos page on this site. Also take a look at my finished projects.

About this Site

This site mainly exists for me to showcase my projects and to have a publication platform that is not controlled by a third party. (Also, I just really wanted to make a website.)

The site is written in JavaScript (JSX) using React Static. It follows the principles of the JAMstack and is hosted on Netlify.

It is fully accessible without JavaScript on the client though it takes advantage of it when enabled by preloading directly linked pages and therefore cutting out loading time during navigation. All of this is managed by the wonderful React Static framework.

Note that it's still in development, so it's a little rough around the edges. You can follow its progress and contribute on GitHub.